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"A Gathering of Civil War Eagles" in Winchester, Virginia workshop offered spectators a rare opportunity to hear discussions about key events of the Civil War by some of the most knowledgeable living historians. The Nation’s most prominent impressionists of the Civil War leaders engaged in debates throughout the weekend and offered spectators a chance to ask questions on particular points of interest. The event took place in the Old Court House Civil War Museum in Old Town Winchester June 1st and 2nd 2013. It featured members of Lee’s Lieutenants and The Federal General’s Corp.
But it wasn’t all serious discussions and Q&A. The sketch entitled “The Duel" was arranged for Saturday afternoon. The pretext was two gentlemen discussing the merits of Kentucky Bourbon versus Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey. As the drinking continued, the discussion deteriorated into an argument and the two walked or, by some accounts, stumbled out of the Union Jack bar. The argument escalated as the two began hurling insults at each other as they continued to stumble down the street. They were urged on by a Prussian bystander who decided the only resolution to this argument was a duel at 10 paces. In contrast, a preacher tried to peacefully end the argument with a reading of passages from the good book. By this time the alcohol induced argument was not going to end peacefully. The two drunks stumbled about each brandishing .44 mm six shooters unable to aim straight, which caused all sorts of havoc and hilarity. In the end both were shot by the frustrated Prussian bystander, but not without much mayhem as all twelve missed shots flew about the crowd hitting a bird from the sky, shattering a distant glass pane, and knocking a ladies' hat off of her head. The sketch was not announced to the local spectators who seemed to thoroughly enjoy the antics.

The sketch featured Mr. Bill Frueh and Mr. David Trimble as the alcohol induced duelers, Mr. RJ Cicerio as the Prussian antagonist and Mr. Greg Stull as the preacher. Supporting (literally) cast was Mr. Chris Godart and Mr. Tony Virando. All of the players are members of Lee’s Lieutenants Living History Organization. Speciall thanks to Dave Trimble and Rosemary Thoburn for their help in compiling the story.
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