Zenfolio | Oak Hill Studio | JEB Stuart's Revolver Gift
This English-made, cased Tranter revolver was given to Confederate Major General James Ewell Brown “Jeb” Stuart by Heros von Borcke. Von Borcke was a Prussian officer who took leave from his country’s services to serve in the American Civil War. He served as Stuart’s chief of staff, with the rank of major, until he was seriously wounded at Middleburg, Virginia, in June 1863. That same month, von Borcke gave this revolver to Stuart, in the expectation that Stuart would have attained the rank of lieutenant general. Stuart had hopes of receiving this rank after commanding “Stonewall” Jackson’s corps when that officer was mortally wounded during the battle of Chancellorsville. Unfortunately he never obtained that rank, but the inscription on the cover of the cased revolver states: “LT. GEN J.E.B. STUART C.S.A. CULPEPPER, VA JUNE 1863/ FROM HEROS VON BORCKE.”
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