Zenfolio | Oak Hill Studio | Lonely Fight for Survival - Letters From the War

The ladies of Lee's Lieutenants and Federal General's Corp put together a sketch depicting actual letters sent from loved ones serving for their cause. Both sides of the conflict had sorrow and grief as letters read aloud to the Gathering. The final reading was the last two letters from General Jackson before his wounding.
The readers were Cathy Clardy, Rosemary Thoburn, Lisa Clark, Erika Onsager, Ruth Lastfogel, Lynda Pennell, Beverly Pelcher, Marilyn Iglesias, Sherri Stull, and Tara Forrest
Letters and Remembrance-1Letters and Remembrance-2Letters and Remembrance-3Letters and Remembrance-4Letters and Remembrance-5Letters and Remembrance-6Letters and Remembrance-7Letters and Remembrance-8Letters and Remembrance-9Letters and Remembrance-11Letters and Remembrance-12Letters and Remembrance-13Letters and Remembrance-14Letters and Remembrance-15Letters and Remembrance-16Letters and Remembrance-17Letters and Remembrance-18Letters and Remembrance-19Letters and Remembrance-20