Oak Hill Studio will begin donating the proceeds of the sale of downloads and prints to the preservation of the Civil War sites and the art of reenacting. The donations will be made in the name of the reenactors for their commendable efforts. Purchases can be made directly from the site by clicking on the "BUY" tab above photograph. This includes downloads, prints and other merchandise. If you cannot afford to donate please contact me and I will arrange for an electronic coupon. The 23rd Anniversary Reenactment of the Battle of Cedar Creek on the original battlefield in Middletown, Virginia. The opportunity to reenact on the actual battlefield has made this reenactment a favorite event for both spectators and reenactors alike. Every year, many thousands of infantry, cavalry and artillery reenactors gather to commemorate the last great Civil War battle of the Shenandoah Valley. The Reenactment is sponsored by the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation, a non-profit 501c(3) organization, with proceeds benefiting the interpretation and preservation of the battlefield and historic Heater House. Proceeds of the purchase of a print or a download will help this worthy cause. All proceeds from the purchase will go to the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation for the preservation and interpretation. The donation will be on behalf of the reenactors in attendance.
Confederate Canon deliveredConfer\derate camp setupFederal camp north of the battlefieldConfederate camp setup Friday